Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joining the fray...

Oh dear Lord. What am I doing? This is insane. You know what the world doesn't need? Another flippin' blog written by a new mom who has insight to share about her new mom life.

But you know why there are so many new mom blogs?
1) Becoming a new mom is crazy town and there is a lot to process, however the majority of your time is spent with a tiny person who is about the worst darn conversationalist ever.

2) Becoming a new mom is lonely at 2am when the world is asleep except baby and at 2pm when baby is asleep and the rest of the world is living a life beyond your living room.

So I join the fray.

I come here to remind myself to do two things on a regular basis- give thanks for the present and look forward to the future.

So with that in mind I conclude my very first blog post with...

Thank you for this beautiful life and family that inspires me to write.
Please help me to write early and often so I remember that I have something to say.

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