Sunday, April 15, 2012

A good day

Today we celebrated my little boy's first birthday with close family and good friends. It was small, simple and perfect. Little man had a ball. In another time and place in my life I would have thought this day needed to be HUGE- with themes and a never-ending guest list and every bell and whistle you could imagine. I  would have stressed myself (and others) out with planning and purchasing. Today was a homemade cake, a homemade flag bunting, fresh flowers and birthday cards he had received displayed around the house. It was his closest family and friends looking at the photo albums we made celebrating his first year of life. Our first year as parents. It was eating cake, playing with birthday toys received, and laughing. It cost us $19 and took 30 minutes to clean-up. Today was a good day.


 Please give us many more birthdays like today. Thank you for our little boy.

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